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Do you struggle with cleaning your contact lenses whenever they get dirty? Are you afraid from damaging the lenses while cleaning? Then you should check out:

Electric Contact Lens Cleaner

Why you need it?

Suitable for Contact Lens.


Good cleaning effect.


High Quality Material.


Product Features

Easy to operate

One-touch automatic cleaning with a powerful ultrasonic generator provides two cleaning modes: with 3 minutes of daily cleaning and 6 minutes of powerful cleaning.

High-Frequency Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner

The contact lens cleaner uses high-frequency rapid vibration technology to deeply remove proteins, lipids and crystals blocking the permeable pores in a short period of time. Especially suitable for dry eye patients.

USB Rechargeable

The battery can be used 61 times when fully charged, making it convenient for your short trips. With USB charging, you can recharge anytime when there is no power.


The contact lens immersion cassette consists of two separate recesses to prevent further cross contamination. The cleaner comes with a mirror and contact lens insertion and removal tool and tweezers for easy cleaning and lens wear.

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